Bee Green Naturals ~ Teething Cream

Bee Green Naturals ~ Teething Cream

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For your teething babies we have designed a mild numbing whipped creme rather than a liquid in hopes that you will need less since this creme will stay on the gums a bit longer.

Made with food grade cocoa butter and coconut oil infused with calendula and chamomile, along with EO's of clove and chamomile and a small bit of orange. Add in some natural vanilla for flavour and pain ease, along with some natural sweetness, and you have what we hope is a tolerable but effective teething creme.

Apply to area in child's mouth that seems to have teething pain. Look for where baby tends to chew more or seems to have swelling of the gums.  Can be used every hour or two if necessary.

Food Grade Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Natural Vanilla, Clove Bud Essential, Glycerin, Chamomile, Calendula

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