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Bumby Wool Merino Diaper Liner

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$8.00 CAD

Try Bumby Moisture Wicking Merino Wool Liners.  They are made with our Silky soft Merino wool, which is washed and not felted like our diapering wool.  Moisture is pulled through and leaves a feel dry sensation against the skin to reduce rashes and leave your baby feeling comfortable.  It will also protect your diapers as well from staining.

  • Do not lanolize these, as they will cause repelling and leaks
  • Do not bleach them as it destroys the protein in the fibers
  • Cold only, heat will cause felting.  Hand washing is fine, but they will get more clean with a rinse and spin in the machine
  • Air dry between uses if only urine, always wash if there is other matter
  • Note we use our “Silky not Silky wool” SNS