Lilly & Frank One Size Fallon Contour Flat
Lilly & Frank Booster Fallon Contour Flat

Fallon Contour Flat

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Lilly & Frank contour flats are designed is make folding, layering and snapping a breeze! Our contour flats have a unique design with adding material in a contour flat where you need it and we removed it it from the places you don't!

Simply pull quad fold up through baby's legs followed by the contour flat and fasten the wings in place with a snappi or diaper pin. Tuck print material in around babies legs to create a lip barrier.

  • Materials: Print outer is medium to heavy weight jersey knit or French Terry, usually 95% cotton & 5% spandex.  Bamboo Sketch French Terry consists of 67% bamboo viscose, 28%organic cotton, 5%spandex.
  • Available in two size ~ petite and one size
  • Each contour flat comes with 1 one size quad fold lay in insert
  • Contour flats require a diaper cover to be complete waterproof.