Petite TRY ME Kit!

Petite TRY ME Kit!

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Wondering where to start or looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Lilly & Frank has put together a "little bit of everything" try me starter kit. Choose either a boy, girl or gender neutral inspired kit and try all the different styles of Lilly & Frank cloth diapers in our petite size.  When you purchase this kit you save 10%!  Each kit includes the following:

* 3 petite cloth diapers (L&F picks 1 hybrid print, 1 fitted print, 1 velour).

  • Petite Lilly & Frank diapers fit approximately 7-25lbs.
  • Size can be adjusted from infant to potty learning with easy fold over rise system.
  • Each diaper comes with a snap in insert made from heavy organic bamboo fleece and topped with soft matching velour.

* 2 boosters (1 velour topped, 1 print topped)

* 1 Thirties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover (Size Two)

* 1 Medium Preflat

* 1 Medium Dream Flat

* 1 4oz Bottle of Beyond Clean

* 1 4oz Bottom of Beyond Soft

The images below are only examples of the types of diapers that might be in each kit. The diapers are selected by Lilly&Frank in the inspired kit you request.