Pink Tulips Preflat
Pink Tulips Preflat

Pink Tulips Preflat

Lilly & Frank printed Preflats are a combination of a Prefold diaper(many layers of fabric sewn together) and a Diaper Flat(one large piece of material you have to fold to create a diaper). We decided to take it a step further and add a cute high quality print outer! Each Preflat is 3 layers, 1 layer print topped with two layers of our absorbent bamboo stretch French Terry.  The Preflat designs is made to make folding and snapping a breeze. Each Preflat comes with a matching print topped booster with an addition 2 layers of our organic bamboo stretch Terry loop. Simple trifold, pull layers up through baby's legs and fasten the wings in place with a snappi or diaper pin.

  • Materials: Print outer is medium to heavy weight jersey knit or French Terry, usually 95% cotton & 5% spandex.  Bamboo Sketch French Terry consists of 67% bamboo viscose, 28%organic cotton, 5%spandex.
  • Sizing: Small 5-22lbs, Medium 20-35lbs, Large 30lbs+
  • Each printed preflat comes with 1 preflat and 1 matching booster 
  • Absorption: Small 15oz, Medium 19oz, Large 22oz
  • Preflats require a diaper cover to be complete waterproof.