Posh Cloth Knit NEW!!!
Posh Cloth Knit NEW!!!

Posh Cloth Knit NEW!!!

Cloth pads are a natural, chemical free alternative to disposable feminine hygiene products.

Reusable cloth pads function in the same way as disposable pads. However, once used they can be washed and re-used again.

Posh Cloth pads are topped in natural fabrics, including Designer Cotton, Hand Dyed Bamboo Velour and Cotton Velour.

The absorbent core is made from Bamboo / Organic Cotton Fleece, which is very absorbent and has antimicrobial properties.

Posh Cloth pads come in three absorbency levels: Light, Moderate & Heavy. Absorbency is indicated by stars on the right wing.

Cloth pads require changing every 2-3 hours. If you find yourself changing more frequently you may require a higher absorbency level.

All Posh Cloth pads are backed in Windpro Fleece, which is highly resistant to moisture and piling.

Top: Premium Designer Cotton knit  

Absorbent Core: Bamboo / Organic Cotton Fleece

Back: Soft Shell Fleece 

Snapped Width: 2.5"

12" Heavy Pad 

10" Moderate Pad 

8" Light