Send Your Own Fabric Custom Accessories

Send Your Own Fabric Custom Accessories

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Send your own fabric allows you to send in a fabric of your choice so our team can create some of the beautiful L&F products you have come to know and love such as:

To sign up for a custom order spot please join us here in our Facebook group.

If you have questions regarding what type of fabrics to order or how much please contact us at

*We have the right to refuse any fabrics that we deem to be inappropriate. We do not work with any licensed fabrics. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us before placing your order.*

*Fabric storage and abandonment. Due to our small work space we do not have the room to store fabric long term. Your custom order must be placed within 2 weeks of the fabric arriving. Lilly & Frank will store fabric no more than 30 days. If you are unable to place your custom order due to unforeseen reasons you are responsible to have your fabric shipped to you and pay for any tax and duty that are outstanding along 15% restocking fee. If you fail to pay the outstanding fees and the fabric is held beyond 30 days we consider the fabric abandoned and now property of Lilly & Frank.*