Sweet Afton French OBF One Size Fitted
Sweet Afton French OBF One Size Fitted

Sweet Afton French OBF One Size Fitted

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French OBF diapers are super soft and very absorbent. The french obf diaper is made with organic bamboo fleece topped with organic french bamboo terry loop. Each diaper comes with a 6 layer snap in insert and a triple layer matching booster.

  • One size Lilly & Frank diapers fit approximately 10-35lbs.
  • Size can be adjusted from infant to potty learning with easy fold over rise system.
  • Super heavy wetter, no problem!  You can purchase a second snap in insert to front snap into the diaper for additional absorption. Insert has 4 layers of heavy organic bamboo fleeced topped with organic french terry loop and finished with matching serging. 
  • Lilly&Frank cloth diapers can be worn without a cover for a period of time but will eventually become damp. To be completely waterproof we recommend a wool cover or PUL diaper cover.

Please note the diaper shown here is a representation of the print. You will either receive this diaper or one similar with the inner choice you have selected (if multiple options are available).