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Toddler+ Blanket
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On The FarmMeadowDinosaur AstronautsHappy Dinos+ 1 more
Toddler Snap-less ~ Comfort Serged
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Fresh From The GardenHexagonMonsteraRanunculusSidewalk Chalk+ 2 more
Toddler Hybrid ~ Comfort Serged
From $6.00 CAD
NovaliePink Rainbow CloudsFarm FriendsSpace FighterFarm ChoresNew GalaxyHundred Acre WoodAdventure AwaitsDaisy MaeTo The RescueWilburMatching One Size BoosterMatching Toddler Size Booster+ 10 more
Toddler Hybrid ~ Classic Serged
$60.00 CAD
Yummy StrawberriesAddisonAdleyApril ShowersB + W FlightBeetlesBellaBoeveChalk Mouse EarsCowsCream SodaFly OverFresh From The GardenLittle RainbowsHappy SushiLocomotiveLovely LunaLukeMushroom SaladNew GalaxyElinPastel ConfettiHeathered RainbowSpectacular StarsStars & RainbowsStella Mae's Purrrfect DayTotoro HyggeSage MushroomsTotoro Axolotls+ 26 more
Toddler Fitted ~ Comfort Serged
From $6.00 CAD
Safari (Giraffe Bum)Blue UmbrellasFarm FriendsMatching One Size BoosterMatching Toddler Booster+ 2 more
Toddler Fitted ~ Classic Serged
$60.00 CAD
Traffic Jam (Organic)Yummy StrawberriesAddisonAvril BloomB + W FlightCatching FirefliesSpace DinosFog Forest (Organic)Indoor GardenJewelled MarblePaint My WorldPrecious SkiesPrehistoric - OrganicStella Mae's Purrrfect DaySushi RollsTotoro's RainbowsGhibli Family PortraitCare Bear Countdown+ 15 more
Thirsties Swim Diaper
$20.95 CAD
Size One TortugaSize One Fish TalesSize One LeapSize One Paradise PalmsSize Two We All Scream+ 2 more
Soak Bath ~ Soap, Melts, Bombs
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Christmas Tree Farm (Beautiful Blend or fir & pine needles + a hint of citrus)Merry And Bright (Peppermint & Rosemary EO infusion)Forsted Forest (Peppermint EO light crisp fresh scent)Cashmere (Notes of warm musk sweet vanilla & soft woods)Cotton Candy (looks and smells like your favourite carnival treat)Oatmeal Milk & Honey (that sweet new baby smell dipped in honey)Lemon Rosemary (lemon & rosemary infused EO)Lavender (rich and savoury sweet lavender)Citrus Poppy (lemon and orange EO infused)Sweet Vanilla Bean (sweet vanilla blend)Cocoa Butter Bath MeltsMini - Cocoa Butter Bath MeltsMini Bath Bomb Gift Box+ 10 more
Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener
$14.00 CAD
Grey / Purple / GreenGreen / Grey / BlueOrange / Green / Grey
Second Quality
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One Size Snap In Insert (Surprise velour and threads pinks included)Toddler Snap In Insert (Surprise velour and threads pinks included)Toddler Snap In Insert (Surprise velour and threads NO PINK included)
Fold Over rise and print topped booster

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Our toddler, one size and petite all come with a fold over rise that can be easily adjusted as your baby grows. Our print topped booster adds addition absorbency for heavy wetters.