Storing Dirty Diapers At Home:

This is interesting because like wash routines can vary you can store your diaper diapers in various ways. 

Hanging Pail Wet Bag:  These oversized bags hold a lot of diaper and can easily be hung up on the back a door on on a hook on the wall in your baby's nursery. 

Diaper pail & liner: Any large, tall basket will do.  Simply put a diaper pail liner in and store the diapers.  When it's time for laundry take the pail liner out and carry to the wash, easy peasy.

Open pail/laundry basket: Yes, I said open pail. Open pails are totally doable and if you rinse your diapers and wash fairly often they don't stink. I can attest to this because this was the system I used for my own kiddos. Simply rinse all diaper and lay open in the basket to dry. The air circulation greatly helps reduce diaper stink. 

Storing Clean Diaper At Home: Most change tables can accommodate your cloth diapers. Simply fold and stack, sometimes bins or baskets are helpful to keep them from sliding around if you don't have a drawer to tuck them in.  Shelve and fun, even a bookshelf can be converted in to a great place to store or (display your diapers). 


Storing Clean & Dirty Diapers On The Go:

Wet Bags: are cloth bags lined with waterproof lining.  Some wet bags have a wet and dry pocket. You can store the clean diapers in the dry pocket and when you are out and your baby needs a change you can just put the dirty diaper in the water proof compartment of the bag.  Wet bags come in various sizes to suit your outing needs holding 2, 4 or 6 diapers.

Packing Pods: are like a wet bag but short and wide, they hold a lot of diapers as well. They can be used to transport clean diaper to daycare and full day outings. 

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