Fitted & Hybrid

Fitted and hybrid diapers are very similar, the only difference it the hidden absorbency layer in the diaper shell. 

The diaper shell consists of 3 layers of fabric:

  1. Outer layer. This material is either a high quality cotton lycra print on the printed diapers OR organic velour on our velour diapers. 
  2. Hidden layer. This material determines the absorbency.
  3. Inner layer. This material is organic velour and is the fabric that touches baby's skin

The hidden layer in a fitted absorbency is organic bamboo fleece.  This materials is absorbent and breathable.  We especially love it for our nighttime diapers.

The hidden layer in a hybrid absorbency is poly-fleece. The poly-fleece repels the moisture back towards the inside of the diaper for the insert to absorb.


Fitted absorbency has the most natural fibres that are breathable and great for your baby's skin. This absorbency is very absorbent and are a great solution for nightime.  

Hybrids can remain drying a little longer on the outside when going coverless and the material has great stretch.

Both absorbency work well for going coverless during the day. We recommend changing every 2 hours, or once the diaper feels damp or your baby has pooped. To be completely waterproof we recommend a wool or PUL diaper cover.


Fitted diapers don't have as much stretch as the hybrid diapers do and may shrink a little more over long term due to higher cotton blend in them. 

Hybrids may not be absorbent enough for nightime use.

Both absorbency are not completely waterproof and will require a cover for sleep and outings. 

      Each kind of absorbency servers a different purpose and both are very popular. We recommend trying one of each before you purchase an entire diaper stash.  See what you like most and build from there. It's also widely popular to have a mixed absorbency stash.