Bumby Wool Wash Instructions:

We recommend machine washing your wool in cool water with Unicorn Clean Detergent, and rinsing with Unicorn Soft.  Lay flat to dry.

We pre-wash all of our wool with wool wash such as Unicorn Clean or Fibre Wash.  This prepares the fibers, keeping them clean, soft and healthy.  Ready to go straight on the bum or lanolize as desired. You can find all our wool care products here.

Why Do We Use Lanolin? 

Lanolin is a naturally occurring wax sheep use to keep their wool waterproof and antimicrobial.  We use Lanolin for the same reasons. It makes your cover repel urine back to the diaper.  When the environment becomes too saturated, the wool does absorb, but the Lanolin neutralizes the urine and “self-cleans” the wool, meaning you can air dry your Bumby Wool between uses only washing and relanolizing when needed. Solid debris does need to be cleaned though.  Good thing Bumby is also machine washable.

Solid Lanolin mixes with soap to make a “Lanolin Emulsion”. This special solution then can be applied to your wool to make it antimicrobial and waterproof. 

Instructions On How To Lanoliz Your Wool:

Start with clean wool, dry or damp is fine. 

Turn inside out.

Heat 1/2 cut water in the microwave to a near boil. 

Add 1tsp of solid lanolin per wool cover.

Add 1 emulsifying cub or a few drops of wool was.

Stir mixture until lanolin is fully mixed it, it will look like milk.

Add in 1 cup of room temp water into the milk mixture and stir.

Dip your wool diaper cover into the mixture wet zone first then submerge the rest of the cover squeezing and swishing for 30-60 seconds. 

Remove the cover and turn right side out.

Give a quick rinse with cool clean water.

Squeeze our excess water by rolling up in a towel or spinning in the washing machine. 

Lay flat to dry. 

A lanolized wool diaper cover will last usually a few weeks before it need to be washed an lanolized again. The time to do so is if you cover begins to leak, smells like it could use or wash or if a poop gets on the cover.