Spray off any poop in to the toilet. *A diaper sprayer is very handy tool to help rinse your diapers thoroughly, you can find diaper sprayers here.  Once rinsed squeeze out excess water.

You can collect dirty rinsed diapers in an open pail or hanging wet bag. We recommend leaving diaper pails open to allow for air flow.

On wash day pre rinse your diapers with a small amount of detergent on warm. If you don't have a rinse cycle use the quick wash setting warm.

After pre rinse it's time to wash.  Add detergent, you do not need any more detergent to clean cloth diapers than you would use to clean your clothes. Any mainstream detergent that has no fabric softeners will do.  Select the heaviest wash or soil level with one extra rinse. The temp should be warm/hot water settings (this will provide a good clean with appropriate amount of agitation). You do not need the sanitize fucntion, these extreme hot washes are hard on elastics and materials. 

Once your diapers are washed you can hang them to dry or dry on low in the dryer.  


    Natural Fabric Softeners

    You can use natural plant based fabric softeners such as Unicorn Baby Beyond Soft to keep your diapers super soft and fluffy.  Use 1oz or Beyond Soft for a load of 12-16 diapers.  Some other brands I recommend are Mrs. Meyer's and Seventh Generation-use these in moderation.  

    We do not recommend bleach, Borax or Oxi Clean. These are harsh detergent additives and can breakdown elastics, fade prints and weaken materials.



      You can pause the washing machine once diapers have been in the soapy wash cycle and are thoroughly mixed.  Leave for a few hours for really deep stains. 

      You can pretreat stains with Buncha Farmers natural stain stick. You can apply the stick to any stain directly or make this simple recipe to make your own Buncha spray solution for your diapers.

      1 tbsp of Buncha farmer shavings (use cheese grater) per I cup of boiling water. Allow to cool, stir and add to spray bottle!  Keep this in your bathroom next to your diaper sprayer-spray directly on the stain then put in wash pail unit you are ready to wash.

      You can also sun!!  OBV suns beautifully - hang damp, clean diapers out side and sun for a few hours.  Do not leave diapers out in the sun all day - the sun is wonderful but can be harsh and fade prints and colour. The CV or OBV side should be facing sun, not the print side.  



        Ammonia can happen from time to time form when diapers aren't cleaned thoroughly enough. If ammonia happens here is a easily deep clean we recommend.

        Beyond Clean Soak. Put clean diapers into the bath tub or washing machine. The washing machine is definitely easier, but you have to have time available to occupy your washer. Using HOT water add 2oz Beyond Clean to the load, swish around let sit for several hours or overnight. Put diapers in washer and run through a hot heavy duty wash with extra rinse and dry as usual. DO NOT use the Sanitize feature as that water is too hot it will damage elastics. If the ammonia is present repeat the above process a second time.
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