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Bumby Wool Cover - Xsmall
$35.00 USD
Grape MelangeStriped WatermelonStriped CremeStriped Pink LadyStriped BiscuitStriped RosewoodStriped SaplingStriped Dart FrogMelange TrilbyTulip+ 7 more
Bumby Wool Cover - Small
$35.00 USD
MauvelousGrape MelangePeppaJoy MelangeVibingCrush StripeWoods Melange+ 4 more
Bumby Wool Cover - Medium
$39.00 USD
Striped TwilightStriped LionessStriped Dart FrogStriped Forest CampsiteStriped DenimStriped StaticStriped NightStriped AeroStriped SeafoamStriped CubMelange AmberStriped Forest Warrior+ 9 more
Bumby Wool Cover ~ Large
$39.00 USD
Striped Forest WarriorStriped TwilightStriped LionessStriped Forest CampsiteStriped StaticStriped NightStriped Dart FrogStriped DenimStriped AmberStriped InspirationStriped AeroStriped SeafoamStriped Cub+ 10 more
Bumby Wool Cover - XLarge
$39.00 USD
OceanBubblegum MelangeTinkStriped TinStriped BiscuitMelange Fedora+ 3 more
Bumby Wool Double Layer Abrazo ~ Diaper Cover
Small / ShimmerSmall / BalletSmall / Striped KatMedium / Striped KatLarge / Rose Melange+ 2 more
Fold Over rise and print topped booster

Get The Best Fit

Our toddler, one size and petite all come with a fold over rise that can be easily adjusted as your baby grows. Our print topped booster adds addition absorbency for heavy wetters.