Toddler, One Size and Petite Diaper Shell

Toddler, One Size and Petite all have the same design shell.  It consists of 3 layers of fabric depending on the absorbency. You can learn about our absorbencies here.  Each have elastic legs and back with and an edge finish. You can learn about our edge finishes here.  All 3 sizes have the same specifications with elastic and snap placement to creates the best fit for your baby from infancy to potty learning. 

Toddler, one size and petite diaper shell specifications

Newborn Diaper Shell

Our newborn diaper is designed to fit perfectly on your newborn baby. The newborn diaper features a single rise snap setting for a quick and easy fit. Double snap setting wings, umbilical cord snaps down for comfort and elasticized back and legs for a secure fit. 


newborn cloth diaper shell


Toddler, One Size, Petite all come with a double layer snap in insert.  Newborn inserts have two freestanding pieces. All inserts have 4 layers of pre washed heavy organic bamboo fleece topped with organic velour for a total of 6 absorbent layers.

inserts for lilly and frank


lilly and frank insert information  


We make two types of booster, print topped and velour topped. The print top has print to match the diaper and 2 layers of heavy pre washed organic bamboo fleece. 

lilly and frank print top booster



Velour topped has matching velour to the inside of the diaper diaper and 2 layers of heavy pre washed organic bamboo fleece.

print top and velour top booster comp