Newborn Snap-less Velour

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$36.00 CAD

Simply Snap-less diapers offer a versatile fit and are wonderfully absorbent. The cloth diaper shell has an a soft organic velour outer with a hidden layer of organic cotton jersey knit paired with an organic velour inner. The lay in quad fold insert is made from heavy organic bamboo fleece topped with matching organic velour. Add a diaper pin or Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener to complete the diaper. 

  • Newborn size fits approximately 5-15lbs
  • Each diaper comes with a lay in quad fold insert made from heavy organic bamboo fleece or hemp and topped with terry loop.
  • Heavy wetter, no problem!  You can purchase a hemp mini booster.
  • Lilly & Frank cloth diapers can be worn without a cover for a period of time but will eventually become damp. To be completely waterproof we recommend a diaper cover.

Please note the diaper shown here is a representation of the print. You will either receive this diaper or one similar with the inner choice you have selected (if multiple options are available).