Bamboo Insert

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$7.95 CAD
AMP Bamboo inserts* are so trim and yet so very absorbent!

  • Fold them once for four layers larger fold or fold in three for a more narrow fold
  • These are so trim you can easily double them up for a heavy wetting baby all night solution
  • Made of 70% Rayon derived from Bamboo, 30%  Cotton blend finished with green serging so that you can easily tell your inserts apart
  • Super soft and silky
  • Very breathable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Absorbs 3 to 4 times more than cotton
  • Doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable when wet

Colour codes help you to quickly figure out with inserts or boosters you have:

  • Blue = 2 layers of hemp
  • Green = 2 layers of Bamboo*
  • Red = 3 Layers of hemp

*Sold individually