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$9.50 CAD

Made with 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton Fleece. Two and three layer options avaiable!

  • 3 layers of hemp cotton blend (red serging)
  • 2 layers of hemp cotton blend (blue serging)
  • Hemp is a great choice for diapers because of it's durability and it's absorbency
  • Hemp has antimicrobial properties making hemp a healthy choice as well
  • Size approximately after washing: 12" x 15" finished with red serging 
  • Use as in insert inside in flat, pockets or wrap style cover
  • Can also be used as a pre-fold securing with a snappi or diaper pin
  • Can be folded once to make 6 layers of Hemp or twice to make 9 layers
  • Super absorbent 3 layer inserts are perfect for heavy wetters during the daytime and they make a great night time insert too!
  • These inserts are completely customizable to meet every baby's needs

    Sold individually.