Bumby Wool Solutions – Ready to Use Emulsified Blend

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$25.00 CAD

Ready to Use! Bumby Emulsified Blend uses all natural ingredients to create a stable mixture.  Fully saturated with Lanolin; Bumby skims the top to reduce any solid bits, then they let the mixture settle before bottling so you only get the cream of the top!

Bummby pH test their products to get that perfect stable blend.  The blend isn’t breaking in any temperature water, and keeps wool and dyes happy.

Instructions: Simply pump 3 or 4 times into room temperature water per item you wish to lanolize.  You may use a bit less or more depending on your needs.  It is recommended to turn your wool inside out to maximize how much lanolin get onto the inside of the garments.  Let sit for your desired time and lay flat to dry.

Bumby uses all natural ingredients, with coconut oil based emollient, pure pharmaceutical grade lanolin (no barn smells like some other lanolin), and food grade citric acid.  You will find our products are Petroleum Free, SLS Free, Phthalate free, DEA Fre, Paraben Free, Phosphate Free, Dye Free, Fragrance Free, Sulfates (SLS & SLES) Free, PEGS, PPG or DEA Free, Glycols Free, and No mineral oil compounds. 

Bumby Wool Solutions are free of scent, fragrances or essential oils.  These oils can be an irritant to many people, and are not inert substances.