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EvaCup is one of the best menstrual cups and it is made of medical grade silicone and manufactured in the USA.

EvaCup is made of the highest quality FDA approved medical grade silicone with SGS / Intertek / ISO Certification. It's worn internally to collect menstrual flow.

It can't be felt and is virtually leak-proof if worn correctly. This offers women true freedom from the worries and hassles of disposables.

It can safely be used during all daytime activities and is perfect for overnight. It is reusable and very economical. A great alternative to tampons.

The Eva Cup responds to every woman’s desire for comfort, flexibility, safety and affordability:


Manufactured in the US, and it is made of medical grade silicone so it is flexible. While insertion of the cup can be challenging for first-time users.

The EvaCup promises flexibility and ease so there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable during insertion. Trust us, our cup is easy to insert, that's why it is known as the finest menstrual cup on the market today. 


Unlike sanitary pads and tampons, EvaCup provides assurance that the materials used are non-toxic and safe to use in your vagina because it is made of highest quality FDA approved medical grade silicone with SGS/ Intertek / ISO Certification.

The cup is definitely the best alternative in the market now that more women are becoming more conscious about the harsh chemical content of the materials used in feminine products, specifically sanitary napkins and tampons.

Leak – proof

Our period cup is basically leak – proof. One of the major concerns of most women is period leakage.

Period blankets or period stains prevent you from doing your regular activities when you are on your period.

The Anigan EvaCup grants you the freedom to do them in your own terms without worrying about any leakage. Feel free to do yoga, play sports or go dancing with your friends at night.

It is also ideal not only during daytime but also for overnight use. If you’re a woman on the go, then this product is for you.


The feminine cup is reusable and can be easily sanitized. Most women spend money on pads and tampons, not to mention the trouble of reminding yourself to buy pads or tampons every time you go to the supermarket. 

Using the EvaCup is economical because you don’t need to buy one every time you have your period.

Actually, having one or two cups is enough to use for many years as long as it is properly cleaned. 

Women don’t need to worry about disposing their used sanitary pads, therefore it is environmentally-friendly.

EvaCup comes in 2 sizes:

Small - For women under 30 years old who have never delivered vaginally or by c-section. It is also ideal for first-time cup users. 

Cup Length  62 mm
Diameter 43 mm
Capacity 30 ml
Stem Length

14 mm

eva cup size small

Large - For women over 30 years old and/or for women who have delivered vaginally or by c-section.

Because over time our muscles lose their elasticity and the pelvic floor becomes weak, which is also a result of childbirth, making it difficult for the muscles to contract around and hold a smaller cup.

Cup Length 67 mm
Diameter 46mm


Stem Length 16mm

 eva cup size large

Product Details:

  • Reusable for up to 15 years, safe & hygenic alternative to tampons and pads
  • Eco-friendly, Clean, Comfortable & Convenient
  • No Leaks when inserted properly; Can be worn during all daytime activities and overnight
  • Small Size for Pre-Childbirth; Large Size for Post-Childbirth; Pouch Enclosed
  • Made in USA. US Patent Pending No. 29503441

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