Lilly & Frank Fabric Groups ~ Custom Order With Us!

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Welcome to Fabric Groups! Fabric groups was designed for the customer, it's fabric suggestion and custom order in a group setting.

Pick out prints and lead groups from some or our favourite fabric retailers. When you lead a group you earn FREE goodies! You can also join fabric groups that are "OPEN" being lead by other fabric group members or the L&F team. 

In our fabric groups you can order any of our cloth diapers.  You get to choose the size, absorbency, inner velour and edge finish!   You can also order clothing from our lounge line and any of of our accessories and blankets.

Wildly popular for many years and prefered by many for building their diapers stash... PLUS you never have to endure a stocking again or miss our on the print of your dreams!

If you would like to join please find us here on Facebook.