Lighthouse Kids Co. AWJ Cloth Wipes - 6 Pack

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$16.50 CAD

Lighthouse Kids Co. Cloth reusable wipes are economical, eco-friendly, gentle on your baby's skin, and can even help reduce diaper rash. Cloth wipes are reusable, durable, and much more gentle on baby’s skin than disposable wipes. They are also more economical in the long run, as they can be washed and used over again.

REUSABLE CLOTH WIPES: 8in x 8in square wipe. Extremely soft to the touch and dries quickly. Two convenient sides, bamboo velour, and cool mesh fabric (athletic wicking jersey). Can be used as cloth wipes, cloth napkins, make-up removers, wash cloth, and cleaning cloths.

Machine wash and dryer safe. Made with OEKO-Tex® Standard-100 (Label check: SHKO 108862) certified bamboo velour, so it is toxin free. COMPLIANCE -CPSIA compliant, tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accepted test lab in the United States. -Certified free from Lead, Phthalates and other harmful chemicals and metals. -Tested free from chemical solvents and PFAS toxins.